Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Reflections-Prophet of the Week-Zechariah

     A bit late writing this post, as was briefly mentioned yesterday, today was a bit of a Sunday Marathon!

    We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny morning, and after my now prerequisite phone call from Cousin Ron in Orpington, I hurried off early to church, with a full pack basket.

     Arriving in good time, I first set about organizing the components of the Taco Salad Bar, which was to be my lunch offering to the congregation. The kitchen at St. Stephen’s House is not widely stocked with serving dishes but with a bit of ingenuity I found enough baskets and bowls for all the ingredients.

    Next I dashed upstairs and set out everything for Children’s Ministry. The Prophet Zechariah had proved to be a pleasant surprise. Upon reading the Book earlier this week I discovered that it was Zechariah who foretold Christ’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, a prophecy that is quoted in the Gospel of John.Thank Heavens!! a child-friendly story, linking Old and New Testament and with potential both for felt board narration and Donkey Masks!!! Woo hoo!!

    All the crafts materials and a sample had been prepared at home, so my time with the three children, and a helper, ran smoothly.

    We read the passage, reviewed the whole subject of Prophets, constructed our felt board illustration, crunched a few taco chips, purloined from the lunch ingredients and made our masks.

      Then we tiptoed downstairs during the final Worship song and all the children, including 2-year-old Lydia “helped” bring the bowls and baskets into the dining room!

  Several people expressed pleasure over the salad bar, and there wasn’t a crumb left. Fortunately there were a few extra bits and pieces left at home so after a rather hot and sticky ride I was able to make myself a bowl of salad.

  Then it was gardening and off to walk Wil! The rest of the afternoon has been spent beginning the “Changing of the Decorations”. I promised myself I would call it quits at 5pm, write this post, have dinner and spend a quiet evening knitting and watching a BBC series about building eco-friendly homes (I found it on YouTube!)

  And so the day draws to a close. Full, but blessed. An extra special blessing was to have Debbie come to church this morning. She had promised to come today and it was a real treat for me to sit next to someone who had for so many years occupied a spot next to me in the front pew at St. Matthew’s. Yes, a day of blessings!

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