Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday Reflections-Another Parable

      Another beautiful late September Sunday! After the prerequisite call from cousin Ron (which included a detailed description of the iniquities of their caregiver who does not know how many slices of toast should have butter and how many jam!!) I enjoyed a lovely ride to church and got there in plenty of time to set up.

   Today’s Gospel passage is the Parable of the Two Sons. Some Googling during the past few days had turned up a really good exegesis of the story for children so I had brought my laptop with me too.

   Following the set of opening worship songs, led today by Fred and Nick, we headed upstairs, joined by Liz who had asked if she could come and be part of the group to see what we do.

    We began our teaching with Liz reading the Scripture, after which we all watched the video and then discussed the story over a snack of apples (watch the video, then you will know why I chose apples!!) and curd cheese.

    Next we launched into making wooden spoon puppets illustrating the “first son” and including a tag attached to his belt with the key sentence

    “ What we do is more important than what we say.” One hopes this simple injunction will stick in all our minds as we head into the coming week.

 And thus home again to lunch, garden, Wil walk and some sewing on a Christmas gift.

    Matthew (one of Pastor Nick’s sons) has asked me if we can have another series of arts and crafts evenings so that he can make some original Christmas gifts, so as I am sewing I think I’ll also be considering some ideas for Monday evenings in October and November!

   The weather is supposed to turn cold and wet tomorrow, but for this golden afternoon, I am outside and soaking up every moment!!

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