Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Reflections- September All Ages Gathering

      Today was our September All Ages Service.
   About 10 days ago Liz and I met to discuss her suggestions of a theme around “A First-aid Kit for the Soul” and to try to incorporate ideas, which might appeal to everyone, right down to the littlest members, a bit of a toughie to accomplish!

    Since this is Holy Cross Sunday, I suggested including the key verse, John 3:16 from today’s Gospel passage.

   The “kits” were small booklets and the idea was for each person to fill his or hers with verses of encouragement as well as other such as drawings by the tiny children or a collage formed around a cut out cross.

   The Gathering began with worship songs, and prayer and then everyone was divided into 3 groups to rotate through 3 stations. Mine was the “Collage” table.

   It seemed most people were willing to participate and it is hoped these little booklets will be kept with each person, referred to and maybe even added to in the months ahead. Some people find it really hard to relate to a different format for worship and yo move outside their comfort zone. It can be a real challenge to know when to push out the sides of the "box" and when to be respectful of people's needs. As a person who loves to learn through a variety of media, I find it hard to understand others who are only interested in a purely cerebral approach ans so need to be mindful of the tension and make informed suggestions when creativity is part of the mix!

  The Design Team will be meeting soon to look at Themes for future All Ages Sundays, it will be interesting to see just what shape they take!

    And so home to an afternoon of preparation as my former long-time neighbours will be joining me for dinner tonight.

  We are going to have an Indian meal-Beef and Potato Curry (with condiments), Naan Bread, Darjeeling Tea and Coconut Crème Caramel.

   Tomorrow will be the September Day Camp committee meeting, more of that in our next…

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