Saturday, 9 February 2019


            The work of Day Camps has continued apace around here over the past week.
            We continue to receive applications from host communities, which is most encouraging and we are also on the cusp of completing the new “Planners” that will replace the Planning Guides. There are two types of Planners, one for the Host Communities and the other for Travelling Teams. Of course both Planners contain some different information but there is also some overlap so we have to make sure there are no discrepancies between the two documents since that could cause massive confusion for both Teams and Communities. Our committee has totally bitten off more than we can chew this year with the complete revision of the Planners, a huge revision of content and layout in the Program Manual plus the unexpected closure of the Isaiah 40 facility and the ensuing need to rethink both how we do supplies AND our Training Retreat Week!
         I’m trying very hard not to let a sense of panic take over, as it is only February but there seem to be so many balls to keep juggling and only so many hours in each day.    The committee members are all doing yeoman service but inevitably I am aware of my responsibility to keep the ball rolling.  For me Prayer is a huge part of the process  and Mae Anne is doing a super job sending out the monthly Prayer Concerns list to our Prayer Support Group so it is fantastic to know that people on three continents are faithfully praying for the ministry; giving thanks for each small victory and interceding for on the tough issues with which we wrestle 😊.
        My other work on general office duties for CTM also requires a bit of extra effort at this season, as it is Income Tax time so people are contacting the office asking for tax receipts. This job is in the purview of our Treasurer but I have been providing him with information he needs to facilitate the process and that has taken up a big chunk of time this week.
       It looks as if part of this weekend will need to be devoted to some work on contacting potential speakers and workshop leaders for the Training Retreat. One has to book people super early as so many families and individuals are on vacation the first week of July when our retreat is held. During the week I did approach a potential worship music Leader who is now praying about it, I totally hope they feel called to say, “yes” as that position is a very important piece of the “puzzle”.
   Well I made an early start on this post right after breakfast but need to break now to go and do some shopping at the CO-OP, I’ll reconnect in an hour or so….
...Here I am back from an extremely cold shopping expedition. I wore my Tuktoyaktu!k Parka but was still cold around the edges, so now let's get on with the weekly report!
    Progress is slowly being made on amassing all the Program Manual content. I think we are now only missing two Main Presentation components –“ZOOM” & “The Quiz”. Considering the deadline was December 31st 2018, I am getting a bit grumpy about this but both the people writing the content have promised to submit it ASAP, so I’m trying to live in hope! HA!
     One big concern at present is the impending March 15thdeadline for Team Applications. Not one application has yet been submitted, which is a bit discouraging after early indications that we might have actually improved our recruiting catchment zone by reaching out to a number key people and asking for help with his crucial need. One day last week I sent a plaintive email to ALL the 2018 and some of the 2017 Team Members reminding them of the Deadline, I also sent an email to a short list of potential Training Team Leaders about their possible involvement but neither message has a elicited even one response. Sigh.
    So before the moody of this post degenerates into gloom, let’s wrap-up with a recipe and a reminder (to myself) that one week today, God Willing, I should be seated at this hour in Tyler’s car with a warm puppy on my lap, bringing Thomason home 😊
    Last Tuesday evening we held one of our bi-monthly Pod Gatherings and since it was also Chinese New Year, everyone brought Chinese Food. I made Slow Cooker Hot & Sour Soup, which was super easy to put together and very yummy!

Slow Cooker Hot & Sour Soup
8 cups 2 quarts chicken or vegetable broth

1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup rice vinegar
1 red pepper, cut into thin strips
8 oz. oyster mushrooms sliced 
1 Tbsp. grated fresh ginger
1 Tbsp. sriracha 
1 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. sugar

1 block firm tofu, cubed

 ¼ cup each, freshly chopped cilantro
& sliced green onions 

In a slow cooker combine all the ingredients, except the cilantro and onions. Cook on Low for 6-7 hours, just before serving stir in the cilantro and onions. Serve over a scoop of plain steamed rice, with extra sriracha on the side.
Serves 6-8

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