In response to suggestions from interested churches, Crosstalk Ministries began providing Summer Day Camps in 1979 to Anglican churches in the Montreal area. Since then our Program has evolved and expanded to an ecumenical base, including a wide number of Christian denominations.

In the first two decades of operation the Program, developed by the Reverend (now Doctor) Brett Cane and others, reached over 162 different churches and thousands of children

In the first two decades of the New Millenium we have seen the Program expand into every Province, with Day Camps held beyond the doors of "Classic" Church settings. One special focus has been the opportunity to work alongside First Nations Communities across the Prairies and more recently to  also expand into holding Day Camps on Canadian Armed Forces Bases in several provinces

    Over the past 17 Summers, Teams have reached an average of 600-800 children each year.

This program is designed for children from age 4 to 12. Its aim is to nurture their relationship with Jesus, and to foster that relationship with a positive and enjoyable experience of what life as a  Christian can be. The materials required can be received by applying to Crosstalk Ministries.

Teams recruited and trained by Crosstalk Ministries are available to present the Program. They spend one week in each assigned church or community, and are billeted by members of the host community. The actual Day Camp is five days, concluding with a special Closing Gathering. Each day there is a series of activities which focus on a passage of Scripture. Slideshows, music, devotional times and creative arts are used to emphasize the Scripture of the day. Fun is strongly stressed in the playing of games, the singing of songs, and having a good time with the Campers. An integral aspect of the fun is Lamb; a puppet who, at times, acts as Master of Ceremonies in introducing the day's theme, and who at other times promotes laughter.

The Travelling Team works along side the Local Team which is an essential component of the Program. It is important that the Local Team assist in leading the Main Presentation, Devotions, Creative Arts and Games. This helps to provide continuity for the children, by including people they already know and with whom they probably have a rapport, while introducing some new and hopefully exciting leaders.