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DAY CAMPS 2020            


Day Camps 2020
Team #
Training Day Camp
June 27 – July 5
Training Retreat
June 5– July 11
Week One
July 11– July 19
Week Two
July 19 – July 26
Week Three
July 26 –August 2
Week Four
August 2 –August 9

Promised Church, Knowlton

JOY International, Montreal

First Filipino Baptist, Montreal

St. James,
Caledon East

3 Ontario

All Saints, Deux Montagnes

Diocese of Qu’Appelle

St. Luke’s Regina St. Luke’s Regina

 Alberta &
Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

Christ the King, Edmonton

British Columbia

St. Cuthbert’s Delta


Welcome to the Churches and Communities Page of the Day Camp Blog. This page is intended to provide basic information about the program we offer to churches and communities who are either new to this ministry or who are seeking the right program to meet their specific needs. If you are looking for more information about Crosstalk Ministries, please check out the Background tab on this blog or visit the  CTM Website

Included at the end of this page are a number of key documents, in PDF format, that can be printed for your church/community use.

CTM offers 6 different New Testament-Themed Programs, which we present in rotation.

The program is designed for children from age 4 to age 12. For certain components the Campers are divided into 4 age groups-
Scramblers :- completed pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, approx. ages 4&5
Climbers:- completed grades 1&2, approx.ages  6&7
Explorers:-completed grades 3&4, approx. ages 8&9
Pathfinders:-completed grades 5&6, approx. ages 10-12
NOTE: Registration of Campers should be based on grade completed not age.

The aim of our Program is to nurture their relationship with Jesus, and to foster that relationship with a positive, and enjoyable experience of what life can be like when we follow Him.

Teams recruited and trained by CTM present the program. Team Members are required to submit copies of Police Screening Documents as part of the application process. They spend one week in each assigned location, and are billeted by members of that community. The actual Day Camp is five days, usually from Monday to Friday, concluding with a closing worship service.

NOTE: The time and day (i.e. Friday or Sunday) of the Closing Gathering is left up to the community. Each day there is a series of activities, which focus on a passage of scripture. Audio-visuals, drama, devotional times, and creative arts are used to emphasize the scripture of the day. Fun is strongly stressed in the playing of games, the singing of songs, and having a good time with the children. An integral aspect of the fun is Lamb; a puppet who at times acts as M.C. by introducing the day's theme, and who at other times just promotes laughter.

The "Travelling Team" works along with the "Local Team" which is an essential community-building aspect of our Program . It is important that the Local Team assist in leading the main presentation, devotions, creative arts and games. It helps to provide continuity for the children, by including people they already know and with whom they probably have a rapport, while introducing some new and hopefully exciting Leaders. It is the responsibility of the host community to be sure the required supplies are on hand, to serve refreshments, to relieve at lunch those working directly with the children, and to look after other administrative tasks.

Each summer, Teams visit approx. 30 locations, coast to coast across Canada. A modified French version of our Program has been presented to children in Haiti, and portions of our materials have also been used in the USA and England.

Day Camps are held in Town Halls, on Armed Forces Bases, and on a number of First Nations Reserves as well as in Churches.

We also offer different types of Programs to meet the diverse needs of those communities: -

A. Classic Program

This package provides a team of 2 - 4 people to lead the program and includes manuals, devotional materials and most of the required core program supplies. Communities receive a detailed list of the "collectible" supplies, most of which are already on hand in communities with an active children's ministry.

B. Half Day/Other Programs

Some communities prefer to run a Half Day Program. This usually necessitates some changes in scheduling but the basic Daily Schedule outline is still followed. The Church& Community Application Form offers several timeframes, from which your community may choose.

A “Classic” Daily Schedule is as listed below, though modifications may be necessary to suit the church or community requirements. It is essential that the schedule established at the beginning of the week be maintained throughout the week.

9:00     Team arrives for devotions and preparation
9:50     Campers arrive - Registration

10:00   Main Presentation
10:45   Refreshments
10:50   Devotions
11:20   Games
12:00   Lunch (Scramblers go home, unless Afternoon Program being used)

12:30   Creative Connection
1:15     Special Event
2:45     Songs and Closing Prayer
3:00     Finish ‑ clean up
3:15     Team Meeting

If you have decided that this Program is what your church or community is looking for then all you need to do is download a Church/Community Application Form, fill it out and send it in along with your deposit (payable by cheque, e-transfer or  PayPal.)

The Crosstalk Ministries mailing address is :-
                                          3491 Hingston Ave., Montreal QC H4A 2J5

Once your Application Form has been accepted you will be provided with a detailed Community Planner and other advance materials. CTM also offers Training Events for local helpers; these usually take place in early June, in several Provinces and are invaluable opportunities for Clergy, Coordinators and Helpers to share ideas.

If your Church or Community would like further information please email the CTM office- or call us at 514-418-1414. We look forward to connecting with you!

Day Camp Documents

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